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“I have experienced the most enjoyable relationship with Heather and Christina of Collective Design Studios while planning and completing my kitchen/hearth room remodel project. I could not be happier with the results, and the process was so fun! I looked forward to each conversation or meeting with these ladies. I am a slow decision maker, and I began talking and planning for this project a year ago. I couldn’t make up my mind what color to paint the cabinets, etc. And there was some resistance from my husband, who was not too eager to change. Finally, I went to Heather and Christina for help. They came to my house for a first look, and quickly provided me with several ideas for countertops, cabinets colors, backsplash tiles. What is so important to me is that they listened to me closely, gauging my enthusiasm or my hesitancy with their initial ideas. They encouraged me to have my own opinions, and they incorporated my feelings and preferences with their expert advice and ideas. However, they would give me a definite “no” when I needed to hear it, offering better alternatives! Haha!

They were here for meetings with the general contractor and each subcontractor, to ensure our choices were good and that the work was done to our specifications. It should be noted that even the subcontractors mentioned to me how nice these designers were to work with. (Apparently, this is not always the case!) Their expertise, combined with their wonderful attitudes, made sure the project went smoothly and always happily. They took me on shopping trips to choose countertops, backsplash tiles, hardware, and lighting. These were so fun! When the choices were overwhelming for me, they reduced it down to something manageable, again incorporating my own taste and preferences. I absolutely could not have produced such a lovely result without their help.

Their price is extremely reasonable, considering all the time and work they put into my house. They gave me much more than I contracted for. As the project progressed, I kept adding to it, as might be imagined. My kitchen remodel included the hearth room area as well. But then I decided to refinish all the handrails. I wanted new furniture pieces, and wanted to refinish some. They have continued to help me, shopping and advising. I even found new bedding for one of my bedrooms, and they willingly offered advice and assistance for this! I cannot say enough positive things about these ladies! My husband absolutely loves the end result, as do I. We feel as though we have a lovely new house! Plus, I have two lovely friends at Collective Design Studios!”